With your decision to turn to the v-engineering office you decided directly for one of the first addresses within the range of mechanical constructions. Only a consistent way could get us to this position. Two substantial factors led us to success:

Firstly: To develop a concept custom-built for our customers, in order to realize all requirements to the fullest satisfaction, freely by the motto: “Better is the enemy of good”.

Secondly: The concept conversion and an extensive service support by our highly-qualified technical personnel, which always has an open ear for large and small requests.

Our goal was and is, to suffice to the ever changing market requirements with most modern and innovative solutions.


We are a dynamic enterprise for dynamic customers.

For customers, who take their future into their own hands and leave nothing to chance. It is our philosophy to always be quicker and a few steps ahead so you, as a customer, are able to act successful.
Today we can say that our concept pays off.
Satisfied customers and market acceptance affirm us in our quest for the number 1 spot.

This homepage describes our concept and explains to you the chances for your enterprise, which result from it.

Those who already developed once, knows how difficult it is, to find the right partner to run a successful business. After all, a lot of confidence and money is concerned when making such a decision. The substantial factors for a successful business are thereby a good background knowledge regarding the tasks at hand, the intuition to be in the right place at the right time and the certainty to have a partner, who will complete the deal as desired.

And right here, the professional co-operation with the v-engineering office begins.

We offer you our complete know-how - absolutely reliable, loyal and with great conditions. We put special emphasis on “Expertise of the coworkers, speed and reliability of the job execution”.

The costs, which we save as a construction office with tight organization, are reflected in our offers. Thus you get exactly the offer and service from us you really need, in order to empower you to act success-oriented. And all this with great conditions.

We offer you services without side effects:

  • Constructions of all kinds
  • Customer specific concept creation and conversion
  • Full service from offer creation to the completion
  • First-class know-how
  • Flexible and fast order completion
  • Cost-optimized construction
  • Support from idea to product
  • 3D - Data for better visualization
  • Training of your coworkers
  • Consultation all around the topic CAD

Our tightly oriented system with sense for the substantial does not only save you a lot of work and time, but also a great amount of money, you pay only for the work that was actually done.

Rely on a competent partner.

The v-engineering office has a lot to offer!
A good service and favorable conditions are surely two important columns of a successful enterprise. But there are further reasons, why more and more customers trust the v-engineering office. They can access an extensive offering of services which is comprised of consequently thought out developments and absolute reliability.
Matured concepts and an innovative enterprise are guarantees for your success. Always by the motto: “Impossible does not exist, hard does exist….“ You will receive the solution to your problem from us. We create tasks from your problems which, in turn, we are will solve for you.
To guarantee that we are up to our tasks, we train our coworkers constantly thus ensuring state of the art technology. Our construction EDP is always “up to date”, this concerns the hard as well as the software.

Now you got a view of the possibilities, which the v-engineering office offers to you.
If you still have any questions or need any additional documents need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our coworkers are ready for you.

…. We are sure you will be amazed….


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