You can customize the training course contents and the duration directly with us.

We are entitled to carry out the 186 hours long certificate training course

“Specialist for CAD technology” of the IHK and conduct the necessary test that goes along with it.


Training course: AutoCAD 2D

Introduction to the user interface (menu and toolboxes, command windows and Design center)
Basic functions and fundamental character commands, controlling the design views
Application of the layer technology
Controlling the properties of objects, treatment of objects
Editing and manipulating 2D-drawing elements, controlling the properties of objects
Filling and hatching of 2D-areas
Dimensioning basics, labeling and possible properties
Blocks, attributes, groups and external references
Output and exchange commands
Creating layouts
Character commands for advanced users
Producing and inserting blocks
Working with dimensioning variables
Configuring of attributes for title blocks and symbols
Working with external references
Adding of hyperlinks
Managing of files, formats and search paths
Linking and merging of objects
Plot preparation with layouts, plotting
Hints and tricks




Training course: Inventor 3D

Starting of Autodesk Inventor
Construction basics
User interface
From sketch to 3D-Modell
Zoom, swivel and turn
Detail construction
Adding of drillings
Add mass
Rounding off edges
Creation of technical designs
Cutting views
Assemblies and their presentation
Adaptive modeling
I-Mate - intelligent fitting of construction units


Training course: Construction methodology

Logic of the construction unit construction regarding the assembly and performance.
Structure assemblies reasonably. Building sub-assemblies.
Design derivatives of the assemblies with aids as a check of completeness.
Explosion drawings with paths. (Structured assembly plan.)
Animation of the assemblies. (Film of the assembly process.)
Inventor studio – create photo-realistic pictures of construction parts and assemblies.
Dynamic simulation. Introduce force reactions, evaluate results, conclusions on the construction part manufacturing.
FEM.  Finite - elements - computing


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